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First HUGE animation project!

2017-02-08 13:56:45 by ingsea

Hi there! :D
At long last I've become a part of this intriguing community, and am still figuring out how things work.  That also pretty much describes my knowledge about animation, but not too long ago I did finish my first LOOONG.. movie/thing/whatever you wanna call it. (It's long for me at least, this is 12 minutes and most of my previous stuff isn't even 12 seconds..!)

This is an animation made to fit the audio of a (parody) synopsis of the first "Hobbit"-movie, from a great podcast "Quarter To Three Movie Podcast" (link in the video description!) The podcast is hilarious and I just HAD to make this eventhough my skills were quite limited. It's taken a loooong time too, but I have learn lots along the way, so I'm happy I did it!

So check it out if you feel like it, and I hope you like it! :)